We invite you sharing with experts and leads on software from the world for Latin America community

We come back to Medellin, place where we start this travel, sharing reseraches and advances on software engineeting in Latin America and the world

The software engineering present and future


LASES is managed by Vitt Inversiones SAS. Its aim is strengthen the Software Engineering, integrating the industry with the academic and scientific community. LASES allows to attendees, industry and academia show and analise their progress and innovations. So we're making the natural scene where analyze the actual and future work on software engineering in the world, like we've made previously in:

Medellin - 2017

Was realized joined with SICC-2018. 20 International lecturers. 178 Attenders.

Puebla - 2016

25 International lecturers. 283 Attenders. 2 Keynote speaker (Hanna Oktaba y Carlos Mario Zapata)

Bogotá 2015

14 International lecturers. 361 Attenders. 4 Keynote speaker (Ken Schwaber, Philippe Kruchten, Scott Ambler y Paul McMahon)

Showing and analising the progress and innovations

Main Topics TopicsTopics

Software Engineering

Practices, framewokrs, methods, modelling, ways of work, etc...

Requirements Engineering

Methods, modelling, documentation, strategies, etc...

Quality and Software Testing

Automation, security, ethical hacking, methods, practices, etc...


Applications, successful experiences, testimonials, etc...


Strategies, successful experiences, applications, ways of teaching IT topics, etc...


Successful experiences (industry and university), other applications, etc...

Knowledge from the world to you!

Keynote Speakers SpeakersSpeakers

You will share with world authorities, who tell us their principals experiences, achievements and goals.

Ivar Jacobson
Fernando Pinciroli